How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Tree Branch?

Take a stroll around your property and carefully examine your tree branches. How many precariously dangling tree branches are one strong gust of wind away from crashing down onto your roof? Do you worry about your family's safety should they ever snap?

Or maybe that decorative palm tree in your front yard is sporting more of a dry and desiccated look when it should be reminding you of your tropical vacation. Regular tree trimming maintenance can improve the health of the tree since a significant number of branches no longer weigh it down. All trees can benefit from this service.

At Tree Cutting Pros, we specialize in providing easy access to high-quality tree branch removal services at an affordable cost. Servicing homes and businesses nationwide, we offer a Compare Quotes tool to ensure that you receive the best price for tree branch removal on the market in your region and community. Our contractors eagerly await to assist you with your yard maintenance!

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Should I Attempt Tree Trimming By Myself?

Have you ever looked at your axe, saw, and ladder left untouched in your garage and pondered, "Is it truly that difficult to trim a palm tree solo?" It takes more than being a Paul Bunyan aficionado and possessing the right tools to remove a tree branch correctly. Even a professional handy person may not have the proper know-how to safely and effectively perform a branch removal.

We recommend working with professional arborists or tree surgery contractors who have years of experience under their tool belts. A well-tested and acclaimed trimming company can assess your property and even recommend cutting down other sagging branches you might have missed, saving you potential structural damage in the future.

Safety Hurdles and Other Obstacles to Overcome During Tree Limb Removal

Heavy Tree Limbs

If you have a large tree that needs trimming, the size of the tree branch could be upwards of 1,000 pounds. You do not want an untested tree service to attempt that undertaking. It would be best to contact a certified arborist who can trim a tree without damaging your property or leaving the tree vulnerable to infection.

Accidents Happen

A licensed and insured arborist has the necessary knowledge, years of experience, and suitable equipment to scale large trees safely. Your tree service provider should also know how to best approach branches that are in delicate-to-maneuver situations, such as those extended over power lines, your neighbor's property line, or your child's bedroom.

When working around older trees, we always consider the potential risk of the trees or huge branches falling. If an accident does happen on your property during a tree service, working with an insured arborist keeps you safe from needing to foot an expensive bill. We license, bond, insure, and rigorously screen all of our contractors for reliability.

Wound Care

A certified arborist also knows how to make a clean cut during a branch removal, ensuring that your tree will be able to heal from the amputation wound without risking a fungal infection or infestation from harmful insects such as pine borers. Our partners at Tree Cutting Pros throughout the United States are well-known for their high-quality tree cutting prowess and safe business practices.

Tree Permits

Scheduling your tree pruning with a reputable company is not the only obstacle you need to overcome. You may have forgotten about one tiny but crucial detail. Have you secured your tree permit from your city or county?

Depending on the city you live in, you may have a tree preservation ordinance that requires you to obtain a permit before cutting down or trimming any trees. You may browse your city's webpage for further information about the legalities of trimming an oak tree in your back yard.

If you need a permit for trimming, they usually cost $25. However, you may need to push back your pre-scheduled tree pruning since permits can take over a week to get approval.

Compare Tree Branch Removal Costs

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Tree Branch Removal Cost

A well-done tree limb removal entails more than just picking up a pair of clippers to trim a tree. The tree service industry's average charge for tree removal and standard price point for branch trimming reflect the amount of skill necessary to complete the job successfully and of course the tree size. Typically, the price point of your tree branch removal depends on the height and size of the branch.

The tree trimming cost can also vary depending on the placement of the branch. You should expect to pay a higher cost to trim large tree branches since they are heavy to remove. Similarly, small tree branches that are high up and difficult to reach can fetch a greater asking price.

Local tree removal services break down the prices of their tree trimming services into three categories:

  • Low estimate- A basic tree branch removal involves detaching a low number of branches on a small tree that isn't too far off the ground. Smaller tree branch removal costs roughly $15.50 per hour or $59 in total.
  • Average cost- A moderate branch removal typically involves a medium tree with more branches in tricky-to-reach places, such as hanging over your roof or swinging over your neighbor's fence. The average cost for tree branch removal is around $26 per hour (or $129 in total).
  • High estimate- Depending on the size of your tree branch and the tree height, you may need to invest in a tree trimming service that has heavy machinery like crane services and cherry pickers. This more intense branch removal could around $39 hourly or $750 in total.

Note that tree species and condition will affect the final cost. Our tree surgeon can can help you with an oak tree, pine tree, palm tree or nearly any other species.

It is important to know that trimming companies rarely charge by the hour and instead charge by the job. The price of the job may include:

  • the arborist's climbing gear and training using a single rope technique
  • the use of an elevated work platform
  • the clean-up of the tree debris on the work site

The average tree branch removal cost in the United States in 2021 has a wide range, depending upon many factors, such as:

  • the number of tree limbs
  • the difficulty of access to the branches
  • size (girth) of the tree trunk and length of the branches
  • the time of year and time relative to a storm
  • the city in which you live

If you wait until after a major storm hits, emergency tree removal may be necessary even though you still have a standing tree. Unfortunately an emergency can often inflate the cost to almost twice the usual rate. When you call to ask for the fallen tree removal cost you may find that the tree removal company is booked up for days and can't schedule until the backlog is cleared. Also keep in mind that not every tree service company offers tree stump removal because it requires a stump grinder and other special equipment. Make sure you ask the tree trimmer how low they will cut the tree trunk and whether they will remove the root system as well. Some companies will offer stump grinding but will leave the root system intact as it requires much more work to remove.

The same is true if you require limb cutting after a major storm since the demand also increases during that time.

The cost to trim your tree will vary between states and between different local tree services.

At Tree Cutting Pros, we partner with local companies around the country that have a reputation for their affordable prices and quality tree services. Please use our online comparison tool, which allows you to search by state and zip code. You may assess your local tree service company against their competitors and request a quote today!

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Can I Negotiate My Tree Branch Removal Cost?

Some tree removal services will allow you to negotiate pricing discounts when using their services. We recommend using our site to collect quotes from a local tree removal company. After comparing the quotes using a cost calculator, you may contact the more expensive contractor and ask if they are willing to price match.

Another way to drop pricing is to lessen your trimmer's workload. Perhaps you have a local neighborhood stockpile of firewood that you could donate the branches to instead of having your contractor haul them away or grind them up. Whatever you can do to lessen the workload should be included in negotiations and reflected in the price point.

Get Tree Branch Removal Prices

When Should I Have My Branches Trimmed?

The best time of the year to clip your branches is during the winter season. Trimming prices tend to be lower during the winter months, and it is healthier to trim during cold months when your tree is less active and thus less vulnerable to pine borers or diseases. During the chilly weather, your trees can heal and regroup. After a storm if you you need fallen tree removal, that is the perfect time to have a tree company take a look around to see if some basic tree maintenance could benefit your yard. With regular tree care you can avoid the high cost of large tree removal service that can put a big dent in the family budget. A well cared for, healthy tree can withstand high winds and keep tree debris off of your lawn.

By springtime, they will be ready to utilize the abundance of available sunlight, moisture, and nutrients to begin new healthy growth cycles.

Trimming Styles

Trees are an excellent aesthetic decoration and healthy oxygen-producing addition to any yard. However, even they can benefit from a haircut now and again. We arborists provide different types of shaping styles for you to choose from, including:

  • Tree thinning - Removing some of the branches within a canopy to reduce the tree's thickness
  • Canopy lift - Removing the lower branches of a canopy, essentially giving it a facelift
  • Canopy reduction - Removing the outer branches to improve the overall shape

An Affordable Tree Service Near You

Are you having difficulty achieving a summer tan because your lawn gets a little bit too much shade from your mighty oak's branches? Or maybe you have a dead tree that is littering your yard with tree debris and taking up all your time every weekend?

Perhaps you are interested in cutting off some branches because you would like to make space for more sunlight to stream through your family room's windows.

Or maybe you are sick of hearing tiny furry paws scrambling from your overgrown tree limbs and onto your roof in the middle of the night.

Proper maintenance is a great way to avoid the much more expensive tree removal costs that you may need if your tree isn't kept in healthy shape.

No matter why you might need your branches clipped, Tree Cutting Pros has a database of wallet-friendly and reliable tree removal service across America that are perfect for you to peruse.

You can easily compare the prices of branch removals, trimmings, prunings, and stump removals from qualified contractors in your area. Increase your curb appeal and property value by improving the look of your yard today!