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Tree trimming is important to maintain healthy trees and keep your yard and landscaping looking good. Regular trimming and tree pruning service can increase your curb appeal and your property value. Emergency tree trimming may be necessary after storms, since falling branches can be hazardous and lead to injuries to people or property. Most customers prioritize tree trimming costs above other factors when choosing a tree trimming service company. Since no tree trimming project is the same it's difficult to give estimates without knowing the details of your needs, which is why it's a good idea to use the quote comparison tool here on Tree Cutting Pros. You supply information about your tree trimming needs and you can quickly compare prices from the best tree trimmers in your area. Our partners are not only experienced arborists known for their quality service, but they also have the lowest prices.

Professional Tree Trimming Service Costs

Unless you have experience, training and the proper equipment, it's recommended that you hire a professional for tree trimming service. An experienced tree trimming company will have insurance, training, the proper equipment and the knowledge of when and how to cut and prune your specific trees. Certain tree species should be cut and trimmed at certain times depending on your climate and the time of year. If you have tall trees it can make the job even more difficult, and should only be left to professionals. Many homeowners suffer serious injuries each year trying to perform tree trimming service themselves instead of hiring an expert. Since the most common question we get asked is "How much does it cost to trim a tree?", here's a breakdown of costs:

Tree trimming prices depend on a variety of factors including the tree height, type of tree, age of tree, difficulty of the job, equipment required, if it's a recurring job, and how long it takes. Some companies break down their prices into tree trimming cost per hour. Tree height in particular has the greatest impact on tree trimming costs as taller trees take much longer to trim, and they often require specialized equipment. Taller trees have much more branches as well, which also adds to the project time.

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Can I Trim Trees Myself?

Many customers looking to save some money consider performing DIY tree trimming, but this is only recommended for small projects. If you have tall trees then it's most likely too dangerous to perform tree trimming yourself. It's recommended to only trim trees yourself if you can do it from the ground, but falling branches still present danger to the trimmer. If you are dead set on pruning trees yourself, it's important to review basic safety procedures. If you want to trim trees yourself you will need to buy basic tree trimming equipment, which you can buy for as little as $75, while gas tree trimmers start at around $200. Entry level tree trimming equipment that you can purchase is only effective on smaller trees, for large trees you will need to hire a professional tree trimming service.

Other Factors Influencing Tree Trimming Costs

There are several factors which affect how much it costs to trim trees, here are just a few:

While at first glance it may seem expensive to hire a tree trimming company, after breaking down the project most customers find that the costs are justified. If you would like to get the best price on tree trimming service, complete the quick quote request and you can compare rates in just a few minutes. Customers who use Tree Cutting Pros to compare tree trimming costs save over 25% on average.