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Let us show you how to reduce the cost of tree removal from your property today. Not all trees are the same when it comes to size, amount of foliage and density of the wood, so the cost of removing trees is not a simple calculation. However we can help you get a ballpark understanding of tree removal pricing by helping you understand the factors that affect estimates. If the location of your tree(s) are close to property for example, this will affect your estimate.

It costs on average $100 to $1,800 to remove a tree, depending on species, location and tree size. Additional costs to be considered include getting rid of the stump, replanting trees, etc. so be sure to ask for itemized invoices.

Tips For Storm Damaged Trees

Nearly everyone lives I an area where large storms with strong winds can topple or damage trees. This can create a dangerous situation especially if the downed tree has fallen on property or power lines. DO NOT attempt to remove the tree on your own if this is the case.

While it does cost more to have trees removed after a storm because of a local surge in demand, it is not worth risking your safety. Heavy trees can fall in unpredictable ways, and expert tree removers with specialized equipment can get rid of them without incident. Paying for a pro with experience and insurance is the best way to keep your peace of mind.

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What is the Average Cost of Tree Removal?

We have already covered that each situation is different due to tree type but the most important factor in calculating the cost is the size of the tree. While tree thickness is a factor, we break these up into three general categories based on tree height:

Diseased Tree Removal

Removing diseased trees costs on average $50 - $1000. The cost varies widely because often times dead trees are already fallen and you only need to pay to have it picked up and taken away. Other times however a diseased tree creates complications with large diseased branches that can create a falling hazard. For large diseased trees you can expect to pay up to $1000.

What Goes Into the Price of Tree Removal?

While the primary service you need is the chopping down of the tree and removal, there are many levels of service available. Some providers bundle services and include things like debris removal and cleanup. You need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and asking a few questions:

Seasonal demand will impact the price you end up paying. For example during storm season work crews may be working overtime and need extra compensation. Conversely if you plan accordingly and schedule a tree removal mid summer, you will save on costs and also have more options on dates and times.

Your distance from your local metro area will also affect the cost. This works two ways. First, if you happen to be smack in the middle of a large city, your tree removal costs can go up because of traffic and difficulty getting the crew and equipment into the congested streets. Second, if you live too far from a metro area you may be charged for for travel time and gas.