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Tree Cutting Costs

Costs of tree cutting vary significantly based on a few factors. Consider these questions when estimating and budgeting for tree cutting prices:

First, how big is the tree?

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the higher the risk, the high the tree cutting costs. Larger tree that are much higher and require more powerful equipment are more dangerous to work on. With this danger comes a higher cost. In addition, the more material that needs to be disposed of after the tree has been successfully cut will add to your price.

Where is the tree located?

If the tree you are attempting to trim or remove is in an open, easy-access space, the cost will be normal. However, a lot of tree require the use of special equipment when they are places in hard to get to places or need to be brought down in a way that won't damage the surrounding property. So naturally the more cumbersome the tree placement, the higher the cost will be. Additionally if the tree is easy to access but located near power lines or other utilities the liability factor is increased.

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How "complex" is the tree?

Tree cutting or tree removal is not as simple as saw the bottom and watch it fall. There are serious safety concerns that need be addressed and removing or doing significantly cutting of a tree requires planning. The more complex the tree is (i.e. several main trunks that branches sprout from, interlacing components, large masts, etc.), the more planning needs to be done.

Is the tree currently damaging a part of your property?

This question relates to both the complexity issue as well as the ease of access question. When a damaged tree needs to be cut from your property, if it is currently damaging it extra care must be taken to ensure that further damage is not caused. We have seen trees going through people's roofs, and to prevent further damage heavy duty forklifts or other lifting equipment may be necessary.

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What Is Included in the Standard Tree Cutting Prices

So you've reviewed the main questions above and just want a price on a standard tree cutting. We always recommend that you contact one of our local tree cutting professionals to get an exact price for this, but here is a general guideline that you can use.

Smaller trees which are usually less than 25' (in height) will cost in the range of $200-$600 to cut down. Trees that are middle height (generally from 25 to 75 feet) will range from $500-$1,000. The tallest height trees (about 75 feet or higher) will start at $1000 and move their way up depending on complexity.

Again, we highly recommend contacting your local company for an accurate tree cutting cost before booking the job.