Reliable Tree Stump Removal

If you are looking to remove a tree stump, then you've come to the right place. Tree Cutting Pros connects customers with the best local arborists who specialize in low cost tree stump removal service. Whether you need to remove a tree and the stump, or you just need to get rid of a stump, Tree Cutting Pros can help. Stump removal can be a tricky task and it takes skill to do it quickly and correctly. If you don't properly remove a stump it could lead to expensive problems with your landscaping down the road.

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Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

Most people want to remove a stump to clear some space for other uses. Tree stumps can get in the way of your other landscaping, and they can also die and carry diseases which can spread to your other trees. Stumps can also be dangerous and people can trip and injure themselves on them, especially if they are hard to see and surrounded by tall grass.

How to Remove a Tree Stump

There are many different techniques on how to remove a stump including grinding, by hand, chemicals, burning and rotting. The technique that you should use to get rid of a tree stump depends on a variety of factors. Each tree removal technique is suited for specific types of trees. If you have shallow roots, an old stump, or a small stump it will be easier to remove. Some stumps can be removed by hand, but this technique should only be used for the most simple projects.

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Tree Stump Grinding

You can rent a stump grinder for around $200 and grind and remove the stump yourself. In addition to a stump grinder you will need a chainsaw to get rid of as much of the stump before you start grinding. It's important to wear protective goggles and know how to safely use a stump grinder. Renting a grinder typically only makes sense if you are handy and have many stumps to remove.

Compare Stump Removal Costs

Chemical Stump Removal

Tree stumps can be removed with chemicals, but you still need to have a chainsaw, an axe and a drill to remove it, and it will take a few weeks to remove. You first need to get rid of as much of the stump as possible with the axe, then drill multiple holes into the stump and fill it with potassium nitrate and then water. After about 4-6 weeks you can break up and remove the stump with an axe.

Tree Stump Removal Costs

You should expect to pay about $150 to remove a stump. Prices range from as little as $50 to more than $350 for stump removal and it depends on a few different factors including how many stumps you need removed, how big the stumps are, how long it takes to remove, and how old the trees are. The typical tree stump removal project takes about an hour and costs about $150. You will usually pay a lower cost per stump if you are removing multiple stumps